New Orleans deejay Yamin once again takes on his guise of Professor Shorthair for the third installment in this series of 45s, and it's a banger. On side-A DJ Yamin takes on the classic Meters track "Handclapping Song", which is my definately my pick for this release. It's beefed up, and he has added some clever little scratch additions that just give it a slight Hip Hop edge which is most welcome. 

On the B Side Yamin uses the Ernie K Doe track "Here Omes the Girls", which I'm pretty sure got used on a few mixtapes of recent years (But I can't remember who championed it). It's a completely fun party joint that is aimed directly at the dancefloor.

Grab this limited yellow vinyl 45 on DJ Yamin's bandcamp page for a very reasonable price - and it's worth noting that the previous two releases are still available through his page, and both are well worth getting.


When it comes to Jim Sharp and Naughty NMX, both their names are synonymous with the Dusty Donuts label. However, whilst this particular release sits on its own stand alone label it's hard to divorce it from the excellent output that these two have previously released - And with good reason! This is a fantastic release that could have easily lived on Dusty Donuts (in my humble opinion). The premise is the same as previous releases: Find a classic Hip Hop joint and merge it with the original sample source - a recipe for a winner as long as you have the undeniable talent that Jim Sharp and Naughty NMX clearly demonstarate.

So what do we get on this release? Fort a start, you get a version of the Biggie Smalls classic that only a select few can claim to already own on 45 - So I was super happy to see this essential anthem finally in my possession. Of course it's slightly different to the original, containing additional elements of the Herb Alpert sample 'Rise' in it's backing track which only adds to this particular releases coolness factor. All the tropes of the original Biggie tune are still clearly there and recognisable, which makes this remix instantly identifiable and just as much a winner on the dancefloor as the original.

The B Side gives us the Tupac classic 'Do For Love', previously never available as a 45 and mixes it with lots of vocal elements from the Bobby Caldwell original. Infact, it's a good minute or so before Tupac's lyrics even begin (Which is totally fine by me as I love the Caldwell classic). The track goes back and forth between the two vocals with a nice fattened drum pattern underneath to tie it all together, rounding this release off as another totally essential piece of kit.



Nick Bike - Chosen Spokes Vol II

Written on 10 September 2015

Self confessed open-format disc jockey and music nerd Nick Bike has just dropped the second release in his Chosen Spokes label, and it's a big one that is guaranteed to move quickly. This time Nick has taken on the classic Nas tune Ain't Hard To Tell. On the A side he gives us a complete new remix which is most definately a heavy hitter, whilst on the B Side he has recreated the original instrumental with some nice little additions to the arrangement but largely keeps true to the original composistion. As with his previous release, the remainder of the B Side is filled with some repeating vocal snippets from Nas for those skippless scratches.

The whole release lends itself very nicely as a deejay tool - So double copies are definately required. Move on it quick though as this is expected to shift in the stores very quickly.

Keep an eye on this Bandcamp page, as it will be open for pre-orders in the near future


Announcements went out overnight for the upcoming new fifth release on the Dusty Donuts label out of Germany. This one comes hot off the heels of the previous release The Antique Anthem, which is still devastating dancefloors around the world. As with all the releases on this label, this new one certainly will not disapoint. 

The A side sees Marc Hype and Naughty NMX take on the 1998 classic Deja Vu by Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz. The beats are heavier and more prominent in the mix, and the duo utilise some of the vocal from the tracks original sample Black Cow by Steely Dan - Slightly extending the tune before the raps start, and turning this into a dope head nodding club stomper that will have many people bouncing along.

The B Side sees Jim Sharp take the knife to the folk classic Sugar Man by Detroit Michigan musician Jesus Rodriguez - Once again, putting some sublime hip hop beats behind the groove to give it a solid backing track. This is definately a tune that will catch even the most casual music listeners attention with it's infectious groove, rounding off what is overall another very solid seven inch release on the Dusty Donuts label, due to hit stores later in September.


DJ Roz - Strictly Classics

Written on 12 August 2015

Anyone who has tried do cuts and doubles with seven inch records will know all to well how difficult it is, and how you need to apply a different technique in handling the records than you would with traditional twelve inches. This new release from Washington's DJ Roz brings us a battle record that is the perfect practice tool for those deejays that are inclined to carve it up.

The release is filled to the rim with classic breaks, loops, and samples, all segued together in a continuous fashion. A bunch of the old favourites make an appearance on here: Trouble Funk's Pump Me Up, T Ski Valley Change The Beat, Down By Law from Wildstyle, Run DMC's Peter Piper, Uncle Louie's I Like Funky Music, The Mowhawks Champ, Bounce Rock Skate RollCramp Your Style plus a bunch more.

The loops are just long enough to let them roll without becoming too repetitive, and also don't require lighting fast backspins - and each loop is relatively the same BPM as the previous loop preceeding it, making the whole side listenable in a "mega mix" fashion from start to finish. The package comes with double vinyl pressed with large holes, and a beautifully decorated sleeve jacket.

Grab it over here


While it seems that much of the world is still awaiting volume 1 to hit the stores (Well done if you copped it already), J Rocc is scheduled to release Vol 2. At this stage I was unable to find any audio for the forthcoming release, but if it is anything like the first volume then consider it an essential acquisition. The press release describes the two tracks Boogie Blamin and Jingles as two party sureshots familiar to the discerning listener and edited with precision. Keep you eyes peeled for this one, as I'm assuming it might be as notoriously hard to obtain as the first release.