Iceski and Merlin - Nuff A Dem

Written by  | 24 September 2015

One of the best Britcore tracks I've heard in years. If you are unfamiliar with that unique British spawned style, think...intense uptempo overpowering beats, insane manic scratching & intense rapping. A style that helped influence Australian acts like Def Wish Cast and Blades of Hades.

'Nuff A Dem' features Iceski from Criminal Minds, with guest verses by Polish born MC Gambit (formerly of Swiss based crew Last Resort) and Uncle Mic Nitro. Production by Hamburg based Merlin of Sublime Wizardry. And no, its not Smiley Culture's nephew who rapped on the 1988 classic 'Megablast' by Bomb the Bass. The flip 'Check It' gets props because it samples some dialogue and screams from Lucio Fulci's nightmarish 1981 zombie film 'The Beyond'. DJ Tones and Highfly execute the cuts.

This is the second 7" on the Show & Prove label, which is only 3 deep in its catalogue. From the forthcoming full length 'Enter the Dragon'.

You can hear the tracks, though it is now sold out on vinyl on their Bandcamp page, but still available over at Discogs.


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