Vintage Beats League - Top Ten Team

Written by  | 20 March 2016

Recorded back in 2006 in Nantes, France. 10 years later they appear on vinyl. They lost the master tapes so there is a mastering hiccup in it somhewere. Ha, raw... I like it.

Produced by Supafah and Batsudai. Featuring an array of French emcees over both sides. Kefyr, Marshall'Ombre, Pumpkin, Gas, Vin'S da Cuero, Lucien Sezes, Mo'Faya, S'pry, Nem, Shelem & Supafuh with some straight boom bap.

Really tidy packaging with stickers and cards for a very limited pressing of 100copies only

Available at Mentalow.

Idiot Proof

Idiot Proof

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