Soundsci - Ronin / All Hands On Deck

Written by  | 10 March 2016

From time to time when I hear those clown conversations lamenting on how Hip Hop is dead I can't help but think of Soundsci, and how who ever it is I'm conversing with has probably never heard of them - And that's just too bad, because as long as Soundsci keep turning out quality Hip Hop bangers like this then I can rest assured that the Hip Hop I love is alive and well. And too be frank, if you have never heard of Soundsci, or its core members of Oxygen, Audessey, UGeorge, Ollie Teeba, or Johnny Cuba then you're doing yourself a disservice, and have been most likely hiding under a rock or something because these fellas have been getting around.

So I won't go into how deep these guys are into Hip Hop, apart from saying that you need to school yourself up on them - and this release is a pretty good starting point. the A side is a solid downtempo joint, with a nice moody soundtrack sample. The fellas flex their usual talents all over this joint, and honestly there isn't a bad word I could say against it - But - When it comes to the flip side, now that my jam right there! Uptempo heavy B B drums, lyrical mayhem, and some super dope scratching courtesy of Mr Thing and DJ Woody. The B Side is worth the price of admission alone.

Overall, a solid and very dope release that gives us a taster for what we can expect off the forthcoming new album.

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Shan Frenzie

Shan Frenzie

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