Featurecast & The Gaff - Ain't Got Time

Written by  | 06 March 2016

Arriving on wax 10 months after it first appeared as a free download on Soundcloud, Ain't Got Time cleverly incorporates the memorable piano from Stevie' Wonder's Hey Love with Marvin Gaye's vocals for Too Busy Thinking About My Baby. The outro includes some needlework and extra bits to make it more of a true composition instead of a generic mashup. As Mike has added a lengthier description on the YouTube or Soundcloud page linked below you can check there for how this track eventuated. A tasty international hook up between the UK & North America. The flip West Coast Wishin is Stevie's I Wish combined with Ronnie Hudson's West Coast Poplock. I must say I do appreciate the open drum break exit. Worth getting double copies for that alone. I'm pretty sure heads will be scratchin' in confusion when this drops.

Washington, DC born, but Canadian raised Mike Gaff aka THE GAFF, has an impressive record collection and is a top scratch deejay, but surprisingly has only one previous vinyl release himself. And that would be 2013's mid-tempo b-boy shuffling Do That Thing on the Home Breakin' offshoot label Punch Out Recordings.

Southampton's Lee Mintram aka FEATURECAST has been putting records out since way back in the ealy 2000s starting off with the Catskills label. He then had a bunch of records out through several of those 'funky breaks' type of labels such as Goodgroove, Funk Weapons, Ghetto Funk, Super Hi-Fi and Jalapeno. You know the vibe, uptempo party rockin' hip hop sampling boogie funk type of steez. Witness his 60min set for Clubland TV here.

Motown on Mondays at momfam.com

Strictly limited to 100 copies only.

Available here at Bandcamp.

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