Smoove - Return Of The Beats

Written by  | 03 February 2016

Holy Moly, this release is set to blow your mind! It's been a minute since Wack records dropped a release. I think the last one was back in 2014. The label has a steady discography behind them, notching up 15 releases so far with the majority of them as 45s - and this new forthcoming release is set to fire up a dancefloor near you.

As with most (but not all) releases on this label, the man behind the production is Smoove. I've been a big fan of his music for the last 15 years or so. Yes, His discography runs deep. In recent years he has had some success on Jalapeno Records with his duo of Smoove And Turrell which nicely crosses elements of Motown soul, House grooves, and straight up club bangers - But I get the feeling that his releases on Wack Records allow him to run deep in his record collection and get busy with samples in ways that might be prohibitive under his other production guises.

The A side is an uptempo soul stomper utilising elements of the Martha Reeves classic, laid over some hard hitting drums. This sound is very much a signiture sound for Smoove, as he has expertly craft together the driving momentum of Northen Soul of many previous releases. This side really shows his mastery of that sound and is worth the entry fee alone.

The B Side.. How can I put this.. It's pretty bloody freakin' amazing! In a total flip in style Smoove takes on the Mantronix classic "King Of The Beats", recreating it expertly but giving it enough of it's own identity. Is it a remix? Is it a remake? Well I guess it's both. Whatever it is, I'm an instant fan. He uses many of the original samples as used in the Mantronix version, but to slightly different effect - and introduces some samples that never appeared in the original. This mix sits very comfortably right next to the recent DJ Format 45, and also has elements that took me right back to Coldcut's "Say Kids What Time Is It" which acts largely as the blueprint for these types of cut-ups.

As with all releases from Smoove, you can tell that this has been produced with a total love for the music and the format it is released on. It's worth mentioning as well that a previous (but some what similar in style) release on Digga Please from Smoove was available for only the briefest window of time - and I expect that this will be the same, which should be enough motivation for you to run out and grab your copy right away.

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