Equipe Rádio Cidade - Bons Tempo (Rapper's Delight) 1980

Written by  | 03 February 2016

Hmmm, I know what you're thinking...dude has posted on the wrong page. The Brazilian 45 page is thataway >>> Well yes, but this is a wonderful oddity from Brazil that is worthy of this page. In so much that it is Portugese language version of 'Rappers'Delight'. Though I'm not sure if it lyrically follows The Sugarhill Gang's original, but with Bernard Edwards famous bassline from CHIC's 'Good Time's being the prominent connection how could it not be viewed as such. Edwards and Nile Rodgers are credited on the promo release on the Brazilan label Odeon. Not sure how many were orginally pressed as there seems to have been 3 releases each with varying running times. Of course it's gimmicky, with rapping by some radio djs from Sao Paulo, but seeing as it's Brazilian, it's a heck of lot funkier and listenable that the mechanical German variation by a trio of radio hosts on GLS UNITED's 'Rapper's Deutsch' that came out in the same year on Metronome. If you want another 1980 Brazilian take on 'Good Times' I highly reccommend MIELE's Melô do Tagarela.

Last year Equipe Rádio Cidade - Bons Tempo found its way onto the already sold out, single vinyl, 11 track compilation from Mojoknights, 'Joia Rara Volume 1: Tropical Boogie Funk Soul & Samba From The Brazilian Music Universe'. With the recent onslaught of tasty Brazilian 45s from Mr Bongo, this one might've slipped passed those who favour the rappity rap side of things, so I'd be grabbing Mr Bongo's re-issue 45 quick smart.

The A-Side is a mellow soul groove from 1982, Sandra De Sa's Olhos Coloridos. 

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