Jim Sharp & Naughty NMX - Do 4 Love / Hypnotize Herb

Written by  | 04 January 2016

When it comes to Jim Sharp and Naughty NMX, both their names are synonymous with the Dusty Donuts label. However, whilst this particular release sits on its own stand alone label it's hard to divorce it from the excellent output that these two have previously released - And with good reason! This is a fantastic release that could have easily lived on Dusty Donuts (in my humble opinion). The premise is the same as previous releases: Find a classic Hip Hop joint and merge it with the original sample source - a recipe for a winner as long as you have the undeniable talent that Jim Sharp and Naughty NMX clearly demonstarate.

So what do we get on this release? Fort a start, you get a version of the Biggie Smalls classic that only a select few can claim to already own on 45 - So I was super happy to see this essential anthem finally in my possession. Of course it's slightly different to the original, containing additional elements of the Herb Alpert sample 'Rise' in it's backing track which only adds to this particular releases coolness factor. All the tropes of the original Biggie tune are still clearly there and recognisable, which makes this remix instantly identifiable and just as much a winner on the dancefloor as the original.

The B Side gives us the Tupac classic 'Do For Love', previously never available as a 45 and mixes it with lots of vocal elements from the Bobby Caldwell original. Infact, it's a good minute or so before Tupac's lyrics even begin (Which is totally fine by me as I love the Caldwell classic). The track goes back and forth between the two vocals with a nice fattened drum pattern underneath to tie it all together, rounding this release off as another totally essential piece of kit.


Shan Frenzie

Shan Frenzie

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