Mr Brown - 'Oil Baron'

Written by  | 30 November 2015

Finally released after hanging about digitally since May comes the 2nd release on the UK's Headcount Records via KingUnderground. Following on from ex-Caveman MCM's 'Rhymes Equate Actual LIfe' we get a posse cut featuring feat Cappo, Jehst, Pneeumatic, Emcee Killa, Solar Black, Teslas Ghost, Ray Vendetta, MNSR Frites, Brotherman, Confucius MC, Kashmere and Life MC. At 8 emcees they each get 8bars and at 5:51mins on a 45, methinks they are pushing the friendship a tad. It's an unhurried beat dominated by dark horns samples with the occasional bright trumpet. Definitely for fans of posse tracks and those who appreciate the varying British styles. Scratches and beat by Mr Brown. Limited to 250 copies.

Purchase from here: KINGUNDERGROUND

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