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Written by  | 29 November 2015

So let's talk about wierd shaped 45's.  Are they even considered 45's if they aren't seven inches in width? What happens if you can't fit it into your 45's box? The same questions could be asked of the recent Wu Tang Clan release of "C.R.E.A.M" that I decided was actually a twelve inch cut to size and not a 45. Yep, these are the questions that go through my strange mind. 

So what exactly are you getting here? A beutifully packaged vinyl oddity, lovingly released by the people at Stones Throw Records: Triangle, white vinyl. Custom sleeve – thick black board, gold foil printing, magnets – 8 panels folding into a pyramid. 

"Egypt, Egypt" is his first single, released in 1984, was an L.A. anthem. It is backed with “Girls” – an instrumental “bonus beats” version of the original track from E.L.'s album On The Nile, one of the first full length hip-hop albums from the left coast, released on his own label Egyptian Empire Records. These early works have become staples of electro sets across the world. 

Grab it over here at the Stones Throw website

Shan Frenzie

Shan Frenzie

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