Andy Cooper - Room To Breath / Unlikely Assassin

Written by  | 26 November 2015

Andy Cooper isn't messing around. It was only very recently that he dropped a dope 45 on the Soundweight label. That release itself is pure fire, and still rated on this websites readers chart as I write this review - and then BAM! Andy hits you on the head with another dope release. Heads ain't ready!

So we kick off this release with mid tempo number entitled "Room To Breathe" - and I think that is exactly what it let's you do. He chops up the intro drums from James Brown's "Blind Man Can See It", and lays down what sounds like a smooth blues guitar loop. The track sails along nicely and lays a good foundation for Andy to drop some braggadocio styled lyrics without getting all up in your grill. The accompanying press release likens his style to something in the tradition of Grand Puba, and they hit it spot on.

In my opinion the real gold on this release in on the flipside. It's on the uptempo "Unlikely Assassin" where Andy really shines, and I think that's where his real strength is: fast rap where he can get busy lyrically. The track production is actually quite subtle in its changes, but there is a lot going on utilising a variety of blaxaploitation funk styled loops that swiftly change up every few bars before crashing into a crescendo of horn fanfare in the chorus. It's very much in that Ugly Duckling style of production that we're used to, which makes a lot of sense considering Andy was so integral to that groups sound.

So here it is. Another Andy Cooper sure shot! What I should mention is that this release is the third on the German label Origu in as many months - and it's proving itself to be one to look out for.

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