Djar One - 1-2-3-4-5 Wake Up! / The Psycho Break

Written by  | 09 November 2015

Out of Le Havre France comes the second forty five release from Djar One. You might remember his dope little release with Dragon Fli Empire earlier in the year. This brand new joint is very similar in style, and a killer dancefloor party track at that! 

The A side features lyrics from British MC Carpetface over a funky uptempo latin jam with some heavy Hip hop drums. I really like the production on this. It reminds of something Ugly Duckling would use, and that's no shot to Djar One but a compliment. The production is really nicely layered, dense but balanced, and really fun sounding - alternating between a big brassy chorus, and a funky little rhodes loop in the verse.

The B Side takes things is a slightly differnet direction, with the track "The Psycho Break" evidently named after the fuzzed out guitar sample that maked up the loop. This one is an instrumental which features some very dope cuts from Masta Moon and Incredeeple over some huge sounding B Boy drums.

This release is limited to a press of 300, and will be available from early December at all good outlets.

Shan Frenzie

Shan Frenzie

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